Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tom Friedman Whining About The Lack Of Interest In Global Warming

The public is smarter than you think Mr. Friedman, with no due respect to you, you are dead wrong about global warming and its causes. America (and the world) will grow to be thankful for the courageous and determined so-called skeptics who pointed out the obvious fallacies in the absurd notion of man-caused global warming. Whoever exposed ClimateGate should receive the Nobel Prize.

The public will be thankful and blessed if "cap and trade" legislation and all efforts to tax carbon dioxide emissions are trashed. And you Mr. Friedman will go down in history as a naive boy who has been falsely crying fire in a crowded theater. If you had a shred of honesty and humility you would admit your mistakes and confess that you've been duped and blinded by the political ambitions of amoral people like Al Gore and John Kerry and jumping on the popular environmental bandwagons, in spite of all reason. Shame on you to consider yourself an objective investigative journalist.

NY Times' warmer alarmist Friedman admits general public doesn't care about GW

Posted: 25 Jul 2010 07:30 AM PDT

A pensive Tom Friedman
Tom Friedman and the blame game

In today's NY Times, Tom Friedman blames the failure of the cap-and-tax bill on a public that simply doesn't have an appetite for higher prices or so-called global warming:

"I could blame Republicans for the fact that not one G.O.P. senator indicated a willingness to vote for a bill that would put the slightest price on carbon. I could blame the Democratic senators who were also waffling. I could blame President Obama for his disappearing act on energy and spending more time reading the polls than changing the polls. I could blame the Chamber of Commerce and the fossil-fuel lobby for spending bags of money to subvert this bill. But the truth is, the public, confused and stressed by the last two years, never got mobilized to press for this legislation. We will regret it."

The public is not "confused". They're beginning to wake up to the Bull$hit coming from the liberals in Washington, D.C. and other places. They're realizing they've been played for fools by the likes of the above-mentioned "journalist" propagandist Tom Friedman of the New York Times.

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