Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank You Very Much Global Warming Alarmists --- More Job Losses, More Human Suffering

Yes it is a long hot summer, but not as uncomfortable as it is becoming in Britain where energy costs are rising and availability is shrinking. There is one major group to blame: those promoting the myth of man-caused global warming. They say: "stop the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) they cry; save the planet from all that global warming carbon dioxide! And if we can't get people to voluntarily comply then these fuels must be taxed into non-existence." The global warming alarmists (some of them) actually believe this will be a good thing. If people have to suffer, they insist, it is for their own good.

If only this were some kind of academic game. Unfortunately this is deadly serious business and real people are already beginning to suffer. At the top of my list of utter idiots and hypocritical scoundrels are the infamous, discredited embarrassments to humanity Al Gore and John Kerry. Do a search of this blog for those two alone. Their dirty laundry list is appalling.

Ta Ta, Tata (source)

The UK may be waving goodbye to Tata Steel and some other large industrial concerns as the government piles on more green costs, making it almost impossible for global businesses based there to compete.

Companies including Tata Steel Ltd. and GrowHow U.K. Ltd. may leave the U.K. as climate-protection policies boost electricity and natural-gas costs.

Factories will pay 18 percent to 141 percent more for gas, electricity and carbon-reduction programs by 2020, adding about 7 million pounds ($11 million) to the bill for a typical large energy consumer, the London-based Energy-Intensive Users Group and Britain’s Trades Union Congress said in a report on the impact of climate policy released today.

“The combined impact of the government’s climate change policies is imposing significant costs on the U.K.’s energy- intensive industries, and without urgent review could see some companies leaving the U.K. for good,” according to the report.

It’s the second report this month suggesting potential job losses in Britain because of climate policy.

the future, not so bright green after all

Large industrial concerns are likely to quit Britain not just because of direct cost increases, but also because soon there just won’t be enough power available to them, thanks to a completely clueless Energy Minister:

…in the real world, the £100 billion-plus energy question that confronts us all in Britain today is how we are going to fill that massive, fast-looming gap in our electricity supplies when the antiquated power stations which currently supply us with two-fifths of the power needed to keep our economy running are forced to close.

The headline answer given by Mr Huhne is that we must build thousands more giant wind turbines.

As a 24-carat green ideologue, he is viscerally opposed to replacing the ageing nuclear and coal-fired plants which currently provide us with more than half our electricity.

Like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before him, he dreams we can somehow fill that gap by erecting 6,000 wind turbines in the seas around Britain’s shores, and thousands more across many of the most beautiful parts of our countryside.

What is truly terrifying about Mr Huhne as our energy minister is that he seems so astonishingly ignorant about even the most basic principles of how electricity is produced.

He boasts about how the 3,000 wind turbines we have already built have the ‘capacity’ to generate 4.5 gigawatts of electricity.

Capacity is the crucial word here. As he could see from figures on his own department’s website, thanks to the fact that the wind blows only intermittently, the amount of power these windmills actually produce is barely a quarter of that.

In other words, the amount of electricity generated by all those turbines put together, at a cost of billions of pounds, is no more than that provided by a single medium-size conventional power station – equivalent to a mere two per cent of the electricity we need.

Good luck Britain, you’re going to need it.


Anonymous said...

****"Listen, Kid, do you have no idea how offensive it is for you to give me a homework assignment? Find one of your parents and ask them about it."

This is the weirdest response yet on WUWT.

First off, my parents are in their 70s and live 2,500 miles away from me.

I like being called "kid" but, technically, I no longer qualify for anything but middle age.

And you, my friend Theo, were the first to dole out "homework."

Now, Mr. Watts, you did not answer my "accusatory idiotic question." Do you divulge the entirety of the information on any given subject when you post on WUWT? Or do you only post opinions and information that lead to a certain conclusion?

Anonymous said...

So, this is one of MR. Watt's (of WUWT fame) captions from today's postings which accompanies a picture purportedly of two Danish sciences in some snowy region of the globe:

"Danish Meteorological Institute scientists measure temperature. GISS scientists are seldom pictured performing such menial tasks."

I'm sure you all know Mr. Watts, so take a look.

My question: how is this anything but maligning, malicious, immature, and propagandist in nature?

Anonymous said...

What are you whining about? Man-caused global warming is dead. Al Gore is a sexual molestor and John Kerry is a tax cheat. Obama? He doesn't have a clue....and these are the people who try to tell us we must "cap and trade" carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global warming. It is all a preposterous'be been had bubba....played for a chump.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is a actually a blog about politics? It's pretty clearly not about science. Actually it's pretty clearly a juvenile, one-sided, hyperbolic blog about politics.

Sorry man, check the news. Climate science is not dead, Gore has been cleared as have the climate scientists, and Obama is smarter than you are by numerous orders of degree.

Anonymous said...

Anon you are an idiot. Global warming is all about politics, not science bs make it that way. Pete is just expposing the truths. And Al Gore is a pig.

Anonymous said...

Nah, it's not political on your end. Why else would you call Gore a "pig" if it's not political. Seems that there's a good deal of science out there - you and Pete just don't want to look at it.

"Pete is just expposing the truths"

What you really mean is that Pete is cross-posting poorly written, poorly researched pop-culture agitprops on his blogsite and trying, ineffectively, to pretend intellectual originality and a scientific background.