Sunday, July 25, 2010

John Kerry -- First Class Hypocrite

John Kerry dodging taxes and being a liar and a hypocrite? Who would ever have thought so? This is the man who wanted to be King (President). This is the man who wants to control, (as in tax) the energy we use via the proposed "cap and trade" legislation. He knows this will raise the cost of energy and everything else Americans use and need, even when we can least afford it. What does he care? He has his mansions and his yacht (that he apparently is dodging taxes on).
Then he has the gall to claim we must all sacrifice in order to prevent "climate change". Sen. Kerry is the epitome of the idiots and traitors who must be removed from power in Washington.

John Kerry's yacht 'Isobel' (© Stew Milne/AP)
John Kerry yacht taxes

Massachusetts Senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry is docking his reportedly $7 million yacht in the neighboring state of Rhode Island where he doesn't have to pay taxes on it. How much is he allegedly dodging?

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