Friday, May 9, 2008

The Myth Of Man-Caused Global Warming Continues To Crumble

Since I could not find Stephen Wilde listed as a "Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society" at their website ( ) I've removed this article. Thanks for the input.

Global Warming and Cooling - The Reality
Stephen Wilde, Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

(I found the following information about Mr. Wilde.)

Stephen Wilde LLB (Hons.)U.K. Private Client Solicitor and lifelong Weather and Climate enthusiast.Born and brought up in Cheshire England.From age 5 to 17 always anticipated becoming a TV weather presenter but eventually chose Law due to a marginally better facility with words rather than the number crunching of physics in those days.Nevertheless maintained an intense interest in the subject and kept up to date with developments throughout the past 50 years. Well able to understand complex science and express it in simple language.

Joined Royal Meteorological Society 1968. Now runs own Law Firm specialising in a good quality clientele with significant property work.In spare time, purely for pleasure, continues to keep up with all aspects of weather and climate and writes articles attempting to bridge the gap in understanding between scientists and the general public.



Anonymous said...

Stephen Wilde is not a "climate scientist", or any other kind of scientist. His membership of the Royal Meteorological Society is as an interested amateur only,and does not imply professional competence. He most certainly does not have the doctorate you have awarded him!

List of fellows may be checked here:

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear,

njp is still following me around the various sites which think my article is good enough to print.

In the first paragraph of my first article I duly pointed out that my Fellowship of the Society was obtained before a professional qualification became necessary.

njp continues to publish the falsehood that I have attempted to deceive.

I have been a paid up member for 40 years and am entitled to say that in order to show that my interest in the topic is substantial and long term. It is not as if I became a member last year. The only thing I cannot do is use the Letters FRMetS unless my application for formal accreditation succeeds.

I would ask this site to consider my article on it's merits in connection with the decision as to whether it should be displayed here.

Heaven knows what njp thinks he is doing but to me it looks like a personal obsession.

Stephen Wilde

Peter said...

Not that I am the ultimate judge...but Mr. Wilde should have an opportunity to say what he believes.....I think he makes sense........

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