Monday, May 19, 2008

Global Warming Petition Project


31,072 American scientists have signed this petition,including 9,021 with PhDs

Send this to all of your scientist and engineering friends. Send it to anyone who is interested in the issue of global warming and the impact trying to control it is having on our economy.
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Dan Pangburn said...

Greenhouse gases absorb radiant heat from the earth’s surface and keep it warm. Except for the minuscule contribution of radioactive decay, all of this heat came from the sun and all must be radiated from the planet for it to retain its average temperature. Climatologists are good at measuring temperature and wind and determining how energy moves about the planet. Apparently, however, their training does not include knowledge of the mechanism by which greenhouse gases absorb radiant heat. This lack of relevant training has contributed to the Global Warming Mistake. With adequate training they would be aware of the science that all of the radiant heat from the earth’s surface that is going to be absorbed by greenhouse gases gets absorbed close to the ground (half within less than 24 meters) and is carried up by convection currents to where it ultimately gets radiated to space. The average global temperature is modulated by convection currents. The convection is negligibly influenced by the amount of carbon dioxide. The only effect of doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide is that the radiant heat from the surface would be absorbed a few feet closer to the ground. Human activity that puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere never has and never will have any influence on global climate.

Graphs of climate history presented at ) show that carbon dioxide level has had no significant influence on climate. The reason why the carbon dioxide level has no significant influence on climate is revealed in papers by Dr. John Nicol, Dr. Jack Barrett and Dr. Heinz Hug. These papers are available on the web at , , and respectively.

Anonymous said...

Freeman Dyson also signed the petition!!!

Anonymous said...

Concerning CO2, IPCC, 31,072 scientists and other skeptics it might be reasonable to reproduce an excerpt form a text on: , as follows:
QUOTE__ Under the editorial guidance of the eminent climatologist S. Fred Singer, a group of about 30 scientists published a paper: „Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate” (by THE HEARTLAND INSTITUTE, 2008). By all respect for the work, the paper title is grossly misleading, if not erroneous. They actually review the extreme narrow question of carbon dioxide (CO2), but do not hesitate to make the pompous announcement that „Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate”.
Presumably science would serve the general public better when they would listen to Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) who said: “Water is the driver of nature”. Not nature rules climate, but water rules the nature on this earth, and the water on earth is so much synonym with the oceans and seas that it can be said: “Climate is the continuation of the oceans by other means” __UNQUOTE

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