Monday, May 19, 2008

For A Good Laugh....

If you want to have a good laugh, read what Al Gore has to say recently about global warming and the environment. Is he out of touch with reality or what?

Gore Tells Graduates They Can Become Heroes
By Daniel Lovering, Associated Press May 19, 2008Pittsburgh (AP) -
Former Vice President Al Gore on Sunday told graduates of Carnegie Mellon University they could become part of the next "hero generation" in American history by solving environmental problems. In a commencement address before a record crowd of about 10,000 people, the Nobel laureate said there had already been two "special generations" of Americans: the one that founded the country and the one that defeated fascism during World War II.

"You, I hope and expect, will be called upon to be part of the third hero generation in American history," by countering the threat of global warming, he said."We face a planetary emergency," Gore said. "The concentrations of global warming pollution have been rising at an unprecedented pace and have now given the planet a fever."Carnegie Mellon had provided "great leadership in confronting what I regard as the most serious crisis our civilization has ever confronted," partly by becoming a major buyer of retail wind power, he said. Alternative energy sources such as the sun and wind can replace fossil fuels, Gore said, but "we need one ingredient that you represent. We need political will; we need your dedication; we need your hearts."



Anonymous said...

you don't like heroes old fart !!


Anonymous said...

We need Gore to reduce the size of his Carbon Butprint!!! Not to mention Babs and numerous other squealers!!krdxlouk

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