Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Have We Passed the Point of No Return on Climate Change?
Greenhouse gas cuts must begin soon or it could be too late to halt global warming


Don't despair.  We are reaching the point where we realize and admit that yes, the climate is changing, and we have little or no control over this happening.  We had best move on to something far more important.  Like maybe the world economy?  Like maybe the prevention of war?


Anonymous said...

Like maybe the fact that green and renewable energy could challenge your livelihood?

Peter said...

Or could it be I know far more about the Earth, its atmosphere, and its history than most and recognize the global warming hoax for what it is? And I also know more about renewable and "green" energy than most and if anything it would benefit, not harm my "livelihood". Learn something rather than take potshots while cowardly hiding behind "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Andrew may or may not know more than "most" (there is no proof of this boast)...More likely, however, he has cherry picked what he "knows," and so knows only bloggeria, and he certainly knows far, far, far less than the actual scientists who research climate change. Once upon a time I read and researched the people and claims found on Pete's blog (much to Pete's irritation)---and I found that most of what Pete's "knows" is a recitation of marginal scientists and nutjobs. Is that what you "know," Andrew?

Unknown said...

Hey Peter,
This is your old pal SkyHunter.

Sevenheart said...

Hi Bob,
This is sevenheart from those heady days of discourse. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Better start worrying: