Monday, March 26, 2012

The Madness Of The Crowd......And Man-Made Global Warming Mythology

One of the most common arguments in favor of the concept of man-made global warming (now "climate change" and "climate chaos"????) it that a consensus exists among scientists about global warming.  First of all, this is increasingly untrue.  Secondly, science is not conducted by consensus, or majority rule.  Science is about finding the truth, whether 1% or 99% percent of those polled believe in something matters not; all that matters is the truth, right or wrong.

The following very well written essay addresses the influence mob mentality has on politics and government policy making.  If the mob, or the simple majority rules, above and beyond reason, the end result is at best, bad laws, at worst, totalitarianism and fascism.  This has been proven time after time throughout human history.  The author and historian of the following article (Victor David Hanson) explains and illustrates this clearly.

What is of particular interest to me, and the central issue of this blog, is how mob mentality has been used and abused in creating and perpetuating the myth of man-caused global warming.  I include an excerpt from the following article, which can be found here in its entirety.

Read the entire article please.  The manner in which the liberal left has harnessed mob mentality and manipulated the "masses" would make the Nazi Germans envious.  They are using this same group psychology in an effort to control every aspect of our lives.  Man-made global warming is just one symptom of the disease the liberal left is spreading throughout America and the world.

Beware of the Mob
March 25, 2012 - 11:31 am - by Victor Davis Hanson
Planet Warming on Hold
"One of the most venomous lines of attack against George W. Bush was his supposed failure to address climate change. These were the mob days of the anguished Al Gore, still smarting over having won the popular, but not the electoral, vote in 2000, damning Bush as a liar, as he created Gore, Inc. — a near organic-growing merchandising empire of several hundred millions of dollars.

Gorism both hyped a global carbon threat and then offered the consulting and expertise to address it. His carbon footprints and “offsets” followed the medieval model of selling exemptions. In such holy work, there were no such things as conflict of interest, influence peddling, or simple bad manners. Gore rode his Earth in the Balance / Inconvenient Truth express train to a Nobel Prize, a sizable fortune — and a general impression that he had become unhinged, whether in his incarnation as a “crazed sex poodle” or a vein-bursting screaming “he lied!” mental patient.

No matter, Barack Obama came into office on the shoulders of this screaming mob. His team lectured us on the wisdom of withholding oil leases, on the desirability of European-level gas prices, and on why we must soon pay skyrocketing energy prices. Obama-sanctioned cap-and-trade passed the Democratic-held House.
And then?

Snow fell.
Ice still formed outside the kitchen window. Chicago, as is its habit, got both really hot and really cold. Volvos still needed gas. People in Malibu still liked central heating. Philology adjusted accordingly. Global warming begat climate change and the latter begat climate chaos: if the planet were not hotter, then snow and ice were symptoms of such heating; and if even that were insufficient proof for us dunces, then tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes would have to do.

Yet the mob mentality began to fade, as revelations about everything from doctored research, politicized grant-giving, and false conclusions about glaciers, Greenland, and polar bears began appearing in the liberal news — suggesting that if such scandal made even the mainstream media, then the phrenology-like fad was nearing an end.

Obama had done his part in postponing the Keystone pipeline, putting oil on federal lands off-limits, and talking up boondoggles like the Chevy Volt and Solyndra. But the idea of $5 a gallon gas makes even the most liberal Santa Monica Volvo driver edgy, and now the global-warming movement has collapsed. Bush is in Texas, not the White House. Obama now blames Solyndra on Republicans, brags about entrepreneurial wildcatters in the Dakotas, does photo-ops in front of derricks, and promises to allow bits and pieces of the Keystone pipeline.

And the mob? Why hurt the liberal cause by going after Obama? Suddenly, the would-be-lynchers have left the sheriff’s office porch and are in twos and threes heading back home."

read the entire article here.

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