Monday, January 25, 2010

Global Warming Farce Becoming Better Than Late Nite Comedy

The entire global warming scandal involving the IPCC, Al Gore, Copenhagen, ClimateGate and our completely ignorant President Obama would be enormously funny......if it were not so serious. Billions upon billions of dollars wasted because of lies, deception and fraud. To paraphrase Jimmy Buffet, (I believe)......"if we couldn't laugh we would all go insane."

Monday Meltdown: IPCC Undone, MEP Rage and Browning Greens

The global warming hoax is falling apart fast and may already have passed the point of recovery. Credibility is a fine thing until you don’t have any, as the AGW community is finding out.

IPCC Undone

The IPCC might be forgiven for being surprised by the sudden chill in the air surrounding its scientific credibility and questions about its leader’s veracity. Only a couple of years ago Rajendra Pachauri accepted the plaudits of the Nobel Committee as he stood alongside Al Gore, the P.T. Barnum of the global warming circus and basked in the glow of an adoring media. In light of the latest revelations of IPCC fraud, the media is calling for Pachauri’s head, and his response is to… deny the problem. How quickly things change when the truth is revealed.

MEP Rage

First we had MEP Daniel Hannan eviscerating Gordon Brown for our YouTube delight, now we have another British MEP all fired up about global warming. When did the European Parliament become so entertaining?

View the YouTube video here:

And here is Jimmy Buffet......

Browning Greens

Scott Brown, the GOP Senator-elect from Massachussetts has upset more than Obamacare’s schedule. Brown’s victory made yellow Blue-dog Democrats turn into opponents of green cap and trade legislation. No need for colorful metaphors.

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