Monday, March 23, 2009

Global Warming: The Skeptics Handbook

The following "handbook" is very well done and should be downloaded, read, and distributed to everyone. GP

Global Warming
The Skeptics Handbook
Rise above the mudslinging in the Global Warming debate. Here are the strategies and tools you need to cut through the red-herrings, and avoid the traps.

Click on the cover to download the latest 550kb pdf version.
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Links to theoriginal sources are here
“Everything has changed since 2003″

To help the debate progress:
1. The sixth draft of the The Skeptics Handbook (pdf)
How to get past the pointless tit-for-tat swapping of ‘evidence’
What evidence is, what counts, and what doesn’t
Why new results have changed everything
How to steer out of details and get to the only point that matters.

2. Vostok ice core graphs are available for the entire last 420,000 years, as well as broken into 50,000 year divisions. Judge the lag for yourself.

3. Coming: resources, cartoons, graphs and information

4. Coming Articles:
“The five reasons the AGW story got so out of control”,
“How science communicators let us all down.”

Please email us: joanne AT (replace the ‘AT’ with ‘@’) if you would like access to copyright-free graphs, cartoons and updates. I’ll be happy to notify you as soon as they are available. (I promise, no spamming).
Joanne Nova

…There is only one question that matters: ‘will adding more CO2 to the atmosphere make the world much warmer now?’

From the handbook:
"Everything hinges on this one question. If carbon dioxide is not
a significant cause, then carbon sequestration, cap-and-trade,
emissions trading, and the Kyoto agreement are a waste of time and
All of them divert resources away from things that matter—
like finding a cure for cancer or feeding Somali babies. Having a
real debate IS the best thing for the environment."

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