Friday, March 2, 2012

Lock Up The Climate Crooks And Throw Away The Keys

It is difficult to grasp how much money has been wasted and how much human suffering has been caused by the hoax surrounding the decades-long myth of man-caused global warming/climate change.

What began as an innocent-sounding and appearing effort to understand the world's weather systems and patterns and how these affect humans on Earth was morphed into a bottomless money drain on taxpayers in the form of endless government funding of ever-increasing ludicrous projects.  Billions and Billions (Trillions) of dollars or their equivalent have been largely wasted.  Job creation?  Hardly.  It is like paying someone to dig a hole and then having them fill it in.

What have any of these "climate studies", laws, treaties, taxes, caps, trades, etc. actually accomplished?  Are we any safer?  Are our lives any better?  Is there less flooding, fewer tornadoes, a stabilization of sea level, are polar bears any happier?  Is there less "pollution", is the air any cleaner, are the glaciers advancing, or retreating, coral reefs living or dying, do we even really know any of those things, if we did, do they matter?  Has anything been done other than enrich Al Gore and people like James Hansen, the taxpayer-paid, global warming fathers of global warming alarmism?  They ought to be arrested, tried before a well-publicized jury of ordinary people, and if guilty, fined to their last penny, and locked up forever.

As I see the United States sink farther and farther into debt, not to mention the rest of the world, and I see money wasted on projects like mandated wind energy, solar farms, electric vehicles, ethanol fuel from corn, and a host of other things that are uneconomic, impractical, and used by corrupt politicians to manipulate people and simply serve as a means of collecting more taxes, I become a tad bit irritated. 

I care about America.  I'm not being paid by "big bad oil" to share this material and my knowledge and experience, limited as it may be.  I simply care about the world and its people and I hate to see the future being ruined by these so-called "environmentalists" for future generations.  Honestly, it is not for me.  I don't have that many years left.  I don't like seeing people being conned and ripped off.  Everyone is in far greater debt, (and remember taxation and perpetual debt is a form of slavery.)  I trust nobody likes being a slave, even if it is just a partial slave, and especially not a slave to these "climate criminals".

jameshansenarrestedJames Hansen being arrested at Keystone protest sit-in.FBI agents are urged to grill others linked to self-confessed climate criminal, Dr. Peter Gleick in the 'Fakegate’ climate counterfeiting scandal. Evidence now points to NASA’s Dr. James Hansen as accomplice in global warming racket.

Dr. Peter Gleick resigned last Thursday as chairman of the American Geophysical Union's Task Force on Scientific Ethics. Ross Rice, an FBI agent and spokesman from the Chicago field office confirmed an FBI probe is under way, “We are currently working with the [Heartland] institute and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago.

Dr. Gleick's rapid fall from grace has mired other top tier climatologists in what may become a full-blown wire fraud and RICO racketeering investigation by federal authorities. Leading critics are sure that the elements of 18 USC 1343 appear already met under admitted facts.
Questions will now need to be asked about the American Geophysical Union's (AGU) role in enabling Hansen to make a notorious presentation to Congress on June 23, 1988; all thanks to a dubious ‘peer-reviewed’ paper of his that AGU brusquely shoehorned through.

Now identity thief Peter Gleick has been exposed as disseminating at least one forged document used to defame the Heartland Institute, a well-known free trade policy think tank. Gleick admitted to Huffington Post readers that he handled stolen documents. His intent was to injure others – a crime under U.S. Law. Actual financial harm occurred due to Gleick's unlawful release of Heartland's donor list and contributions; one donor has since withdrawn funding.

However, none of the documents distributed by Gleick (other than the fake strategy document) reveal any smoking guns against Heartland. But already, astute investigators have found a worrying link between Gleick, Dr. James Hansen and the AGU that may yet point to a real smoking gun in U.S. climate fraud racketeering from 1988.

Gleick, Hansen and the AGU Complicit in the 'Greatest Crime'
Hansen's paper, foretelling of a world of catastrophic man-made global warming was 'peer reviewed’ to sway an otherwise skeptical Congress. The AGU is thus a vehicle of dubious patronage.

Hansen misled elected officials by deceitfully claiming that carbon dioxide (CO2) from ocean out-gassing and other natural vents has different carbon ratios 'signature' than human 'fossil fuel' emissions. Hansen then successfully duped policymakers into believing human CO2 emissions were linked to global warming. But the truth is that there is no way to distinguish between natural or man-made sources of CO2. Hansen's paper was thus not up to the scientific standard necessary for publication and should never have passed proper peer review.

Thus Hansen’s Congressional charade precipitated the U.S. government’s resolve to fight global ‘greenhouse gas’ warming and blow $100 billion tackling a proven non-problem (despite 30 percent rises in carbon dioxide emissions global temperatures have fallen this century).

Federal agents now have a green light to apply RICO statutes, designed to root out racketeering, based on the following facts:
As a self-confessed climate criminal Dr. Peter Gleick faces incarceration. He has already admitted to being implicated in identity theft, stealing private documents and falsifying evidence to defame, and thus injure the Heartland Institute and others. Gleick is linked via the AGU to Hansen's 1988 paper and by association to other scientists suspected of fraud (inc. hockey stick graph conjurer, Michael Mann).
Over the decades such unprincipled alarmists stand accused of filching millions in taxpayer funds by exploiting public fears in a phony global warming narrative.

How RICO Statutes May Be Applied
If the FBI can show that a fraudulent AGW narrative was knowingly implemented by Gleick, Hansen and other key players, then not only can prosecutions for racketeering be swiftly implemented, but the whole climate science house of cards will collapse.

Federal law sets out the meaning of racketeering activity under 18 U.S.C. § 1961. Identity theft and the fraudulent creation of documents that Gleick dishonestly attributed to Heartland clearly qualifies his crimes as possible racketeering offenses under RICO.

To sustain convictions a pattern of racketeering activity must first be established. This requires the FBI to produce evidence that Gleick, AGU and/or other co-conspirators have engaged in at least two acts of racketeering activity. The law requires that investigators tie together such acts within 10 years of each other.

The burden for prosecutors is not a light one but these riders of the global warming gravy train may well fit the bill as per the test applied by the U.S. Supreme Court. This is the 'continuity-plus-relationship test' applied to determine whether the facts of a specific case give rise to an established pattern.

U.S. Supreme Court guidelines state that co-conspirators "have the same or similar purposes, results, participants, victims, or methods of commission, or otherwise are interrelated by distinguishing characteristics and are not isolated events." (H.J. Inc. v. Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.)

Where Does Climate Politics and Law Go From Here?
Other experts share my opinion that there is sufficient probable cause to follow through with a thorough in-depth federal investigation into the Gleick ’Fakegate’ case to see how far the 'post-normal' climate cancer has spread. Certainly, Peter Gleick should be offered a plea bargain deal if he rats out the other racketeers.

Apologists for climate criminals will not be curbed until the leaders of this 'post normal' academic cult are jailed. But whether the Obama government has the stomach to follow through and permit such prosecutions remains to be seen, as Chicago FBI agent, Ross Rice hinted:
“Whether Gleick, a member of the U.S. intellectual elite and a former student and coauthor with John Holdren, Obama’s Science Adviser, is ever charged is a different issue than whether his acts meet the elements of 18 USC 1343.”

Skeptics have already seen how the British police have stalled for two years despite admissions by one British climatologist of his climate crimes (Dr. Phil Jones could still feasibly be prosecuted under the UK Fraud Act).

If national governments won’t put a stop to it then state prosecutors and civil litigants likely will. Indeed, Glieck's crimes may also be prosecuted under California law. Section 528.5 to the Penal Code deals specifically with such impersonation (SB 1411: Internet Impersonation).
While over in Virginia, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a high-profile prosecutor adamant he will continue the fight on behalf of the Commonwealth’s taxpayers and expose Michael Mann's hidden misdeeds.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver popular skeptic climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball is making strides defending vexatious libel suits filed separately by Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Andrew Weaver. History will eventually join all such pieces of the puzzle to show how just extensive the climate fraud truly was.


Peter said...

I did say this:
"They ought to be arrested, tried before a well-publicized jury of ordinary people, and if guilty, fined to their last penny, and locked up forever."

I didn't say they should be locked up because I disagree with them. I say if they broke the law they should be tried, and if convicted, sent to prison. Hitler et al never gave anyone a fair trial.

If you're going to be an internet troll, at least educate yourself and say something intelligent. Oh, and try discussing the issue, in this case scientific fraud.

Your continual efforts to attack me are simply lame and laughable.

Anonymous said...
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Peter said...

Sorry, but blog trolls with nothing more to offer than ignorant hate-filled personal attacks on me will be deleted.

Anonymous said...
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Peter said...

Once again, juvenile internet trolls posting nothing but personal attacks will be deleted.

Anonymous said...
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Snapple said...

Special Agent Rice did not say the quote you attributed to him:

Chicago FBI agent, Ross Rice hinted:
“Whether Gleick, a member of the U.S. intellectual elite and a former student and coauthor with John Holdren, Obama’s Science Adviser, is ever charged is a different issue than whether his acts meet the elements of 18 USC 1343.”

O'Sullivan has retracted that fabricated quote from one of his posts, but he has not yet retracted this fabricated quote from all of his posts.

FBI agents do not trash other public servants or speculate about charges. The FBI investigates if something is a crime, they don't decide the charges or speculate about them.

You are spreading a fabricated quote that has been falsely attributed to Mr. Rice.

O'Sullivan claims that Gleick fabricated a document, but you can confirm that O'Sullivan fabricated an FBI statement by emailing him.

Snapple said...

Email Mr. Rice and see what he says his most recent statement is. I expect he will be willing to tell you what he actually said. He is the Chicago FBI spokesman.

Otherwise, you are posting a fabricated statement and attributing it to the FBI.

The FBI doesn't sound like Pravda.

Snapple said...

Every national academy of sciences, the Pentagon, the CIA, the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the National Academy of Sciences, the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the UN IPCC says man is causing global warming.

The Russian government media has trashed climate change, but even the KGB has hired outside experts because they are worried about their gas infrastructure sinking into the permafrost and storms innundating low cities like Petersburg.

The lies you are telling about our scientists are the same as the lies the KGB told about our government scientists--that they were supposedly making AIDS to kill people. Finally the KGB admitted their lies because Russia needed help.

The party line is going to change because Russia will need help to address climate change. Of course, they make all their money selling gas and oil. Many fossil fuel businesses study climate change and deny it at the same time.

Peter said...

Uh, oh, it sounds like there might be many other "climate scientists" worried about their participation in the great man-caused global warming hoax and fraud.

Al Gore will get off free of course.

To repeat what others have said, science is NOT done by consensus, democratic politics is. When politicians (like the UN )exert so much control over science it can not be trusted.

When governments control so much of the science purse strings, guess what? They will use their influence to scare and control the public into voting for ever-higher taxes and greater governmental control.

Who are we to believe,O'Sullivan or "Snapple"? I say both are entitled to their opinions, let's here them.

If the powers that be are so sure of the global warming alarmist's claims, why are they, and why have they always been so opposed to and active about silencing any contrary scientific opinions?

I smell something very foul going on, and it sure ain't good science!

Does the First Amendment to The U. S. Constitution still exist? When it comes to opinions about climate change, maybe not. And that is far more worrisome than rising sea levels.

Snapple said...

Contact the FBI before you attribute fake statements to them that you could easily verify.

Are you going to leave up the fabricated quote that O'Sullivan attributed to the Chicago FBI, but has since removed from his Dragon Slayer's site?

Please look. O'Sullivan took down his fabricated statement, but I guess he left you out in the cold.

If you were in the military, why don't you know that they are concerned about the national security implications of climate change?

Snapple said...

You claim that Gleick "disseminated at least one forged document."

So far, we don't know if this document was forged or not. So far, he hasn't been arrested for anything.

We do know that you disseminated a forged statement from a Chicago FBI official.

We also know that O'Sullivan appears on the Kremlin-financed Russia Today satellite TV in order to trash Western scientists.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me this 'Snapple' found fault with one sentence out of the entire O'Sullivan article and is focusing on that.

His other comments are nothing more than 'appeal to authority' nonsense.

Peter said...

If Snapple would take off his liberal blinders and do any even remotely due dillegence investigating of any aspect of the entire man-caused global warming fiasco, he/she would have to admit what a fraud and travesty the entire sordid affair is.

It might all be a tragic comedy if it were not for the Billions (Trillions?) of dollars wasted. When many countries around the world are on the brink of economic collapse, I'd say the waste of all those resources is a pretty important event. If fact, few things compare.

Peter said...

I actually welcome comments like Snapple's, clearly demonstrating liberal ignorance of the facts and issues and continually resorting to crude ad hominem attacks. They harm themselves and reveal their socialist agenda.

Snapple said...

Heartland seems to think it can prosecute Gleick for a fabricated document, but you have posted a fabricated FBI statement. Seems to me that you are the subversive.

Desmogblog observes:

Joe Bast says the document is a fake, a statement we take with a grain of salt given the Heartland Institute’s previous dissembling on the subject of climate change and its discredited position on the safety of second hand smoke. In the circumstances, if the Heartland Institute can offer any specific criticism of the Climate Strategy or any evidence that it was faked and not, actually, written on Joe Bast’s laptop, printed out and scanned, we would be pleased to consider that evidence.

Snapple said...

I emailed the Chicago Media Coordinator for the FBI, Special Agent Royden "Ross" Rice, and asked him to send me the FBI's most recent statement about this case. Here is the FBI's most recent statement (2-24-12), which was sent to me on 3-5-12 and used with Mr. Rice's permission. Why don't you ask for an official statement instead of fabricating official FBI statements?

Representatives from the Heartland Institute contacted our office, earlier this week, to report what they felt was a criminal act committed against their organization.

We are currently working with the Institute and the U.S. Attorney's office in Chicago to determine if the incident in question was a possible violation of criminal law, which would be under our jurisdiction.

Snapple said...

Regarding the ad-hominem claim that I am a socialist.

The Koch brothers' father built Stalin's oil refineries during Stalin's purges. They agitate against U.S. federal agencies such as the EPA, but the Koch-sponsored Pat Michaels goes on the Kremlin's Russia Today, a Russian government entity. Other denialists such as John O'Sullivan, Lord Monckton, and Piers Corbyn also go on the Kremlin's mouthpiece and collaborate with the Russian-sponsored defamation of our scientists.

The billionaires who sponsor denialism in the West and Russia aren't against big government; they are against our big government.

Anonymous said...

Pete, you should never invoke the "socialist agenda" on a website with a fascist mindset.

Peter said...

Do a little research into the origin and meaning of the works socialism, Marxism, and fascism....they are all closely related and one leads to the other.

As a matter of record, they are the exact opposite of what I believe in. So at least get your definitions of words correct.

Peter said...

To simplify:

"Political tags, such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth, are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire." - Robert A. Heinlein

I must say I'm in the same camp as those who have no desire to control others. Those who propose to "control" climate change are really trying to control people, pure and simple. So beware.

Snapple said...

You are still citing a fabricated quote by an FBI official.

That quote actually was said by Steve McIntyre, a Canadian mining executive.

O'Sullivan also falsely claims to have been a Vice President of Radio Free Europe.

There was a man with the same name who was an Executive Editor, but he has retired from RFER/RL.

Anonymous said...

You still have not removed the quote attributed to FBI Agent Rice. These words appeared on Steve McIntyre's site. Do you really think a government official would say something like that?

According to information posted on DeSmogblog, O'Sullivan was tried for assaulting a girl. Although he was not convicted, he subsequently wrote a book about a teacher who wants a relationship with an underage girl. It's difficult to tell what is true on the Internet, O'Sullivan has not denied any of this.

Here is my newest post on climate science. The Desmogblog link is at the very bottom--click on "embarrassing."

Pete Ridley said...

Hi Peter,

You made the assumption that Snapple is a he but that is not the case. Cathy Henry is a high-school teacher of English

Pete Ridley said...

It wouldn't surprise me if it was Cathy who suggested inviting Dr. Michael Mann to Bishop O'Connell High School back in march ( She has a lot to say about Climate Change without having much idea at all about the science - hardly surprising for an English teacher.

I speculate that Bishop O'Connell's has never invited a scientist who is sceptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) to give a presentation to its staff and students.

Cathy made mention of the self-aggrandising "CEO and Legal Consultant" of the bloging group Principia Scientific International (PSI) and for once posted an interesting article on her blog.

Cathy has since published a thread about "advocate" John O'Sullivan (

You may also find my blog "Global Political Shenanigans" ( of interest, e.g. the "SpotlightON Principia Scientific INTERNATIONAL" thread and associated E-mails.

Best regards, Pete Ridley