Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama Trying To Start A War With China?

Oh geez, Obama is now rattling swords with China  over rare earth metals, desperately trying to save, or shift blame for his failed "green energy" plans.  I have news for the electric car advocates, cheaper, even better batteries won't make them fly.....or even roll out of the showrooms.  Oh, and why doesn't anyone in the mainstream Obama lap-dog media ever ask about where the electricity comes from to charge these marvelous electronic gadgets?  Ummmm......like maybe, largely, from coal-fired power plants?  How "environmental" is that?  It is just plain stupid.

Obama: Rare-earth case key for U.S. clean energy

12:25 pm ET 03/13/2012 - MarketWatch Pulse News Bullet
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The U.S. will pursue a rare-earth mineral trade case against China at the World Trade Organization because China's export limits have unfairly blocked U.S. domestic manufacturers from accessing the material, which are important components in clean-energy products, President Barack Obama said Tuesday. "Being able to manufacture advanced batteries and hybrid cars in America is too important for us to stand by and do nothing," Obama said. "We can't let that energy industry take root in some other country because they were allowed to break the rules," Obama said.


John said...

If obama starts war against the china, it will be loss for usa which will never be recovered for ages!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, John, Pete exaggerates a good deal on his blog. Pete has very thin arguments to begin with, so in order to make them viable, he has to grossly overextend their facts and conclusions.