Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Follow The Money........The Path To Global Warming/Climate Change Is Paved With Corruption

Follow the money that finances the global warming/climate change "research".  The money that fueled and continues to fuel the great hoax claiming catastrophic global warming and climate change comes from environmental groups (usually tax exempt, I believe) and our own government(s).  This means that taxpayers are paying for the privilege of being lied to and set up to be further controlled and abused by governments.  If that sounds like the ultimate scam, is.  Just look at the facts.

For anyone to claim or believe that the so-called "skeptics" who question the validity of the man-caused global warming are funded by "big oil", or big-anything for that matter, is equally absurd.  To them I would simply say, as I say about the myth of man-caused global warming.....prove it, prove it with science, hard facts, reproducible tests and observations.  We're not buying the emotional hysteria, the fear tactics, and smoke and mirrors.  I think the general public is also (slowly) coming to realize they've been had, scammed, ripped off, cheated, and lied to, by people they've been taught to trust, like "Professors" and "Scientists", and our political leaders.  People should feel righteously angry.
The following article elaborates on the issue.

How Can I Get Some of That Anti-Global Warming Big Oil Money?
cartoon al gore making moneyIt seems we keep hearing that scientists who challenge claims that our planet is on fire fueled by fossil energy are lackeys of a heavily funded disinformation campaign underwritten by Big Oil, Big Coal, and other Big Spenders. Notable authority on this conspiracy, Internet pioneer, Academy Award Oscar winner and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Albert Arnold Gore warned about this last year in a Rolling Stone article: “Polluters and Ideologues are financing pseudoscientists whose job it is to manufacture doubt about what is true and false [and] ….spending hundreds of millions of dollars each year on misleading advertisements in the mass media.”  (Al Gore proves the adage that once a person tells a lie they have to keep lying unto eternity to cover their tracks.  Peter)

Given that the mercenary climate skeptic cadre appears to be awash in ill-gotten carbon footprint-stained gains, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that such evil organizations have never seen fit to offer me gobs of money. After all, I frequently write articles arguing that there is no basis for climate alarm and critical of charities essential to support otherwise unsustainable “green” energy fantasies. Why should I, alone, miss out on those pay offs? Sure, I have repeatedly opposed subsidies for all other energy providers as well. Still, it just hasn’t seemed fair to be passed over with such harsh neglect.

Frankly, this didn’t really bother me all that much until I recently read that the Heartland Institute received “shocking” contributions from nefarious donors. This was revealed in confidential information illegally obtained and distributed by renowned “mainstream” climate scientist Peter Gleick who received a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” and chaired the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Task force on Scientific Ethics. It seems he had a simultaneous lapse of both attributes. And by the way, that’s the same AGU that released a famous conclusion based on Ouija board survey methodology that 97% of all scientists believe that global warming is a serious, human-caused curse.

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