Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama In La La Land: Algae For Fuel? He Must Be Joking

Combustible fuels can be made from all kinds of organic matter, from corn to manure.  Algae is little different.  What makes these ideas so ridiculous is their small scale.  Compare them to the tens of thousands of feet of organic-rich shale rocks in ancient sedimentary basins found all over the world.  That is where the oil and gas fuel that powers the world really comes from.  These miraculous-sounding alternative sources of energy are miniscule compared to what the liberal media has so demonized by using the term "fossil fuels". 

Someone needs to inform the public about the truth of this matter, to put it into perspective and explain it in a way everyone can understand.  We're sure not getting the straight story from President Obama.  But then we can't expect too much of him, he's just a "community organizer" from Chicago......or so the story goes.

Hopefully he is just simply ignorant and not being purposely misled by his advisors, or "handlers"?

Oh yes, and this is freaking brilliant.......fuel to solve our energy problems by creating it from algae. Geezus who is advising this poor sod?
President Barack Obama speaks at the University of Miami Field House in Coral Gables, Fla., Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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