Friday, February 24, 2012

A Moving View Of North America At Night From Space: Energy? Who Needs Energy?

A moving view from the space station of North America at night, from Mexico to New Brunswick.  Look closely and you will recognize the Great Lakes and major cities.  Pay particular attention to all of the lights.  What would America, or anyone anywhere for that matter, do without electricity?  We would be in a world of hurt.  And some people think we can substitute all the energy we get from those "evil" fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear power plants with solar and wind power?  Oh, and today Obama is suggesting pouring money into a cockeyed scheme to make fuel from.....hold on to your coffee......algae.  Yes, that would amount to about a fart in the wind.

Someone ought to send Obama up to the space station and have him orbit the Earth a few times like in the following video.  Ask him to look down at all the lights, imagine all the people, all the activity, the work and productivity, and then ask him if it can really be replaced by his bird-brained (sorry George) alternative energy ideas.  Sure let's do some research on alternatives, but not at the cost of bankrupting ourselves.  Obviously our "community organizer" President knows nothing about energy, and amazingly, neither do his advisers, or are they his "handlers"?

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