Friday, September 7, 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio Bombs As Climatologist......

I wasn't even aware of this latest "documentary" on global warming. It sounds like a real joke. This is all worth considering in perspective.


Global Warming Media Disaster: DiCaprio’s ‘11th Hour’ Bombs at Box Office
By Noel Sheppard September 5, 2007 - 13:21 ET
More evidence that Al Gore's Live Earth flop was indeed the beginning of the end to the public's fascination with global warming: Leonardo DiCaprio's recently released film on the subject has bombed with moviegoers.
As reported by Fox News's Roger Friedman Wednesday (emphasis added throughout):
His environmental documentary, "The 11th Hour," has been a total bust at the box office. After 18 days in release, the film has grossed only $417,913 from ticket sales.

As Friedman pointed out, these are horrible numbers:
The 90-minute snore-fest is playing on 111 screens this week, but that number is likely to be reduced this Friday. The film will be sent to DVD heaven after that.

By comparison, Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim's similar but far more engaging "An Inconvenient Truth" had already made $3.5 million by its 18th day of release.
With the disaster that was Live Earth, and the BBC's announcement that it's canceling a planned day-long special on climate change, it certainly appears the public has tired of being told by disingenuous, wealthy, hypocritical movie stars that the world is going to come to an end if they don't stop driving automobiles and heating their homes during winter.

Even more troublesome to a media fixated on shoving this supposed problem down the throats of citizens is how much attention was given to this film by press outlets throughout the country including the New York Times and CBS.
Is this an indication that the press have way overplayed this issue, and that the public have grown numb to media claims of imminent doom?

Or, have back-to-back errant predictions of above average hurricane seasons led the public to a logical conclusion press members seem incapable of coming to: meteorologists can't predict weather a week from today; why should anybody believe they can forecast events decades and centuries into the future?

Regardless of the answer, it seems that two years after Katrina hit New Orleans, without a follow-up occurrence of that natural disaster, America has lost its appetite for the global warming alarmism being served by the press.
Now that's an inconvenient truth.
*****Update: Brian Maloney tells us that "The 11th Hour" was written by Al Franken's Air America replacement.
—Noel Sheppard is an economist, business owner, and Associate Editor of NewsBusters.

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Anonymous said...

11th Hour has an especially interesting special feature, "Nature's Operating Instructions" ... apparently there is some amazing technology built into nature, a lot there that we should use as a model for our own technology