Thursday, September 6, 2007

John Kerry The Man and Global Warming

This is a comment relating to John Kerry, his stance on global warming, his Kerry/Heinz Foundation Award to Jim Hansen, the now-discredited head of NASA and a leading advisor to Al Gore, et al. This is a most illuminating commentary.

From: DocNavy
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Sorry to take so long to get back to this thread. I work at a teaching hospital and well my priorities are to my family, patients and students first. Plus, this thread got a little lost.
After reviewing what's been going on here I'm not so sure I want to keep this thread alive. There's been some vicious name calling and very discourteous stuff thrown back and forth. (Although, in all honesty I myself have been known to loose my temper on threads that really mean something to me. I digress.)

Let's see... Well, first off I'd like to say something about the most recent tangent you guys are on. Mr. Kerry. First off, I have the advantage of actually BEING in the military, AND to have actually seen combat in three different theaters. (Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor) I am WELL aware of the things men are capable of doing. I am also WELL aware of how US troops conduct themselves in battle. I do not doubt that a *FEW* of Kerry's accusations are true, but let me tell you something folks...

It REALLY says something about the character of a man when 99% of the people who worked with you hate you so much that they are willing to actually put themselves out into the public eye and tell everyone what a freaking slimeball you are. None of his Purple Hearts are real. Daddy and his political connections made them happen so J-Kerr could get out of combat quicker. From the AGW point of view...all the experts are in consensus about Kerry. He's a coward, a liar, and the absolute worst candidate out there for President that exists (next to Mrs Clinton). Nuff said.

You are going back the they typical "Double Standard" of the Alarmists. Let's look at the "Heinz Prize" from a different angle. Let's say that Exxon/Mobil decided to fund a philanthropic "Prize" to help "Inspire" scientists in the pursuit of bettering mankind and the world...let's say they give out ohh... $10,000. (Vs the $250,000 that Hansen got.) Let's also say that the rich wife of a REPUBLICAN candidate heads up this "prize" and the decided to give the money to oooh. ummm, Richard Lindzen. For his work in debunking the "Myth" of AGW and helping to avert an economical disaster that is the Kyoto Protocol. You cool with that?? Or does Lindzen now become a paid "Big oil ****"??
Gotta head home... add more to this tomorrow.

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