Friday, July 11, 2014


The Death of Science in our public schools.

Doesn't science involve inquiry, hypothesis, testing, and creative thinking?  Since most of our public education is government-controlled, it has become politicized, and in my opinion, mortally wounded.  So now we teach dogma and ideology, regardless of facts.  Specifically, consider what passes for "climate science".   Anyone not speaking the "party line" is derogatorily called a "denier", or worse.  Our schools and our country are in deep trouble because we're raising generations of obedient little robots who never learn to think for themselves.  Some liberal knows what is right and what is "best" for them, and that is all they are taught.

Consider how low we have sunk when we have liberals dictating what is taught in our public schools. This is an old story that seems to be getting worse. It makes one fear for the future of America. Think about this quote taken from he following article.

“I think having some sort of a mandate and a standard about whats taught is really crucial, because there’s a lot of variance in this state — I’m in a progressive area, but in the rest of the state, there are probably a lot... of climate deniers who are teachers,” she said. “I think they just need to know that you can have those views but you can’t teach them in school. You have to teach real science.”


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Anonymous said...

And now with Kommon Kore, they will take the destruction to the next level.

Can't do math = can't do science, or be able to recognize bad science when it's being shoved down your throat.

Anonymous said...

I have to concur. As a chemist, I lament the lack of scientific rigor that is exposed in all things IPCC. We are being taken for a ride and it will cost us a lot of our money and freedoms. Whatever the effect of [CO2] on global temperatures, it sure isn't catastrophic and may have more benefits than risks. Either way, once there is a lot of money in play, real science goes out the window and agenda/activist/alarmism is used to bend the will of the public. Every word said against this tendency is a good word. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yup, you're a "denier." I know how much that chaps your hide---having such a convenient label for thinkers such as yourself---but you've earned it. You will only be happy if the science taught in schools follows your denialist party dogma. Otherwise you will whine and complain and get frothing mad every time actual science (from actual scientists, not politically motivated drillers) slowly convinces increasing numbers of Americans about the truth.

You are losing the battle, Pete.

How does that make you feel?