Friday, June 27, 2014

Who Are You Calling A "Denier"?

The Label "Denier" Is A Lie

I am not in "denial". I am not part of any "public relations" program. I am not beholden to nor paid by anyone to express my opinion about what I call the myth of man-caused global warming. Oh, and I am an Earth Scientist, a Geologist to be exact. My original interest in this subject has been purely scientific. It is politicians who have made global warming a world-wide political and economic issue. I have all of this well-documented and I've done it purely as a hobby, as ...almost a personal battle against injustice.
It is unjust because most people are not scientists and are too busy with their own lives to look into the real science behind the concept of man-caused global warming. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I am sure man's activities are not significantly involved in causing global warming or climate change. People are and have been systematically, callously, relentlessly, calculatingly indoctrinated into believing that the burning of fossil fuels, (coal and oil) is causing global warming, climate change and every weather-related event, the more dramatic and destructive the better.

 And our government just keeps pouring out the false propaganda, and since the government might as well own the mainstream media, theirs is the only side of the story most people hear. It is a travesty and a tragedy. It is being pursued by governments for only one reason: to control the energy industry and use it as a means of further controlling and taxing the people. It is like taxing the food we eat or the air we breathe. When and if people become aware of this, they will become, as I am, outraged.

Read the following typically slanted article and check out my blog linked in the comments section.

 Opening quote from the linked article in Forbes:
"The denial of man-made global warming is one of the greatest PR campaigns in history.  With echoes of the industry-funded research from tobacco companies that denied links between smoking and lung cancer, the well-coordinated PR plan has delayed new regulations for coal and petroleum industries and influenced millions of Americans."
The author of this article is wrong, exaggerated, uneducated, and inflammatory in nearly everything he says.  It is little wonder I don't pay much attention to anything printed in Forbes Magazine.  How can they pay someone to write something so stupid?
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Anonymous said...

Callin' you a denier, Pete.

So are a majority of Americans.

And all the scientists.