Saturday, December 10, 2011


And they think wind turbines are going to replace fossil fuels as an energy source, and at the same time stop global warming?  What global warming?  How daft is that?  Follow this link to see what is going on in Scotland and the rest of the U.K. right now.  "Green Energy"?  Major boondoggle!  Follow the link below, look at all the pictures and ask "is this man-caused global warming?"

Britain bought into the global warming hoax and now they're paying the price: flaming wind turbines, power outages, and freezing in the proverbial dark.  Thank Al Gore.

From the big breeze to the big freeze: After hurricane-force gusts destroy wind turbines Britain braces itself for snow and bitter cold

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Al Gore, the man who almost became there is a REALLY CHILLING THOUGHT!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Now I'm convinced. A wind turbine blew up--let's get rid of all of them! You know, I also saw a car wreck on Youtube! Let's get rid of all the cars too!! And, since cars run on gasoline, let's blame George H Bush!

Yeah, smart thinking Pete.

Anonymous said...

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