Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Man-caused global warming advocates are prostitutes?

Strong language indeed!  This is almost as sure to cause liberal outrage as was Texas Governor Rick Perry saying that further devaluation of the dollar (i.e. quantitative easing) in America's current economic crisis would be "treasoness".

However, I say the people living off the government gravy train by exaggerating if not outright lying about the dangers of human induced dangerous or "catastrophic" climate change need to at least be called out and exposed as the opportunistic low-life, bottom dwellers they are.  Tarring and feathering and riding Al Gore out of town on a rail would not be out of line.  Better yet, have him share a jail cell with Bernie Madoff.

America and indeed many countries around the world are up to their eyeballs in debt and much of this debt can be laid at the feet of those who have wasted billions of dollars and euros and every other currency, money that would be be far better spend on solvable problems like education, healthcare and feeding the hungry rather than tilting at windmills, "saving" polar bears or coral reefs or any number of other supposedly man-caused effects on the environment.

Climate prostitutes, charlatans and comedians

Posted: 23 Aug 2011 01:12 PM PDT
© - Put these guys on Comedy Central. Put ‘em in an asylum … a mandatory restitution program … jail perhaps … or a witness protection program, if they turn state’s evidence on other perpetrators. But keep them away from our money – and our energy, economic, healthcare and education policies.

Climate prostitutes, parasites and charlatans have been devouring billions in US taxpayer dollars, year after year, plus billions more in corporate shareholder cash, activist foundation funds and state government grants. The laws, mandates, subsidies and regulations they advance have cost taxpayers and consumers still more billions for “alternative” energy and other schemes that send prices skyrocketing, kill jobs, and reduce health and living standards.

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