Saturday, August 20, 2011

Al Gore Completely Melting Down Over Global Warming

Talk about dodging a bullet.......imagine how close Americans came to electing this amoral clown named Al Gore President.  There's no way of knowing if he could possibly be worse than Obama, but the possibilities are truly frightening.  Read about how Al Gore is responding to the revelations about the depth and breadth of the whole man-caused global warming fraud.

Global warming runs out of gas

For those who have a wish to hear the grating sound of a man distempered and frustrated that the cause for which he has given at least a decade of his time, the "greatest moral challenge of our time," is lost, I recommend listening to Al Gore as he was captured during an address at an Aspen global warming conference two weeks ago. It is a revelation.

It is of the  utmost importance that all politicians, no matter what their political stripes, be exposed as frauds and hypocrites, if that is what they are.  Unfortunately this is not always as easily as that done with a certain politician with the unfortunate name of Wiener.  Al Gore will forever be associated with the multi-billion dollar mistake of blaming every aspect of climate change on mankind's activity.  This serious scandal goes on as we grow corn to brew into ethanol to burn as fuel in our vehicles while millions of people suffer and die from starvation such as what is now occurring in Somalia.

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Bird of Paradise said...

Al Gore king of the hucksters and con men