Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Predictable Failure Of "Alternative Energy"

As has been described and predicted on this blog and many other places on the internet, and notably NOT in the "mainstream media", the so-called alternative or "green" sources of energy are proving to be just a lot of hot air, a waste of time and mainly tax-payer money. I'm referring primarily to large-scale wind and solar energy electrical projects. They are simply not economically viable without government subsidies. With government hand-outs drying up, so are these "alternative energy" plans. The same holds true for ethanol production and geothermal energy.

The real tragedy here, beyond the waste of huge amounts of taxpayer money to the detriment of all, is the fact that that the entire motivation to develop these alternative sources of energy has been based on the enormous hoax that is the concept of man-caused global warming. It is all blamed on the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the burning of "fossil fuels" like oil, gas, and coal. What an utterably idiotic and scientifically untenable theory! Yet so successful has the environmental industry or lobby been over the past several decades, led by shysters and hucksters like James Hanson and Al Gore, that many people have bought into the myth. Indeed an entire industrial and academic cult has grown around this huge hoax.

Fortunately for all of us the man-caused global warming hoax has been exposed and all things relating to it are predictably coming to an end. As far as I am concerned it can not come any time too soon. Read on and search this blog for articles and information supporting and outlining the demise of the myth of man-caused global warming, or what is now popularly and ridiculously called "climate change".

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Huge new recent discoveries in gas, oil and rare mineral deposits see major investors and governments bail out of a collapsing green energy market.

Environmental investments look to be going up in smoke according to Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (January 20, 2011). Peiser presents a swath of news reports making distinctly unpleasant reading both for environmentalists and green investors.

European Governments Signal End to Renewable Energy ‘Bubble’

Peiser shows the rush away from green energy began in earnest in December 2010 when first a pro-green Spain slashed funding for wind projects by 35% and declared photovoltaic plants would be cut by 45%.

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Anonymous said...

The EU still has that corrupt cap&trade market. That's got to go.

Anonymous said...

As you and I have both said, many times, there's nothing wrong with "alternative energy" in moderation as long as you avoid the mantra that oil, gas and coal must go. But, also as you and I have said, many times, the problem is that every time someone tries to build a solar plant, a wind farm, or a hydroelectric dam/reservoir, the NIMBYS and the greeniacs combine to defeat it! Nuclear is perhaps the best for of "alternative energy" out there, but with what just happened in Japan, due to their poor decisions on design and siting of their plants, what are the chances we're going to see more nuclear plants any time soon?

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