Thursday, June 3, 2010

Man-Caused Global Warming Being Recognized As A Myth

It appears that mainstream media sources around the world are beginning to catch on and admit that man-caused global warming may indeed be a myth. They might not admit to having been fooled, or played for fools and deceived by the alarmist climate "scientists" seeking ever-larger financial support and power, but that is how a growing segment of the taxpaying public is seeing it. As has been said many times, eventually the truth prevails.

However, this sorry saga of global warming hoax has been going on for decades and it will not die quickly, even if Tipper Gore is taking some decisive steps in the right direction. Stay tuned because the Obama Administration is deeply entrenched in this fiasco. They will not abandon the myth of man-caused global warming for fear of losing what little face they have left.

Sinking 'Climate Change'
Cal Thomas
Thursday, June 03, 2010 (source)

Three modern myths have been sold to the American people: the promise of a transparent administration (President Obama); the promise of a more ethical Congress (Speaker Pelosi); and the myth of "global warming," or climate change.

The first two are daily proving suspect and now the third is sinking with greater force than melting icebergs, if they were melting, which many believe they are not.

After spending years promoting "global warming," the media are beginning to turn in the face of growing evidence that they have been wrong. The London Times recently reported: "Britain's premier scientific institution is being forced to review its statements on climate change after a rebellion by members who question mankind's contribution to rising temperatures."

It gets worse, or better, depending on your perspective. Newsweek magazine, which more than 30 years ago promoted global cooling and a new ice age -- and more recently has been drinking the global warming Kool-Aid -- headlined a story, "Uncertain Science: Bickering and Defensive, Climate Researchers Have Lost the Public's Trust." Newsweek does its best to cling to its increasingly discredited doctrine, but the growing body of contrary evidence only adds to the public's disbelief.

In Canada, the polar bear -- which has been used by global warming promoters to put a cuddly face on the issue -- is in danger of not being endangered any longer. CBC News reported that the polar bear's designation as a "species of special concern" has been suspended "while the government reviews the polar bear's status and decides whether to renew the classification or change it."

The New York Times recently lamented "global warmism's loss of credibility" in a story about hundreds of "environmental activists who met to ponder this question: "if the scientific consensus on climate change has not changed, why have so many people turned away from the idea that human activity is warming the planet?" The "consensus" never was a consensus. Most of us may not have gotten an "A" in science, but we can sense when we are being bamboozled.

The German online news magazine "Focus" recently carried a story, "Warm Times Will Soon Be Over!" Commenting on the "new NASA high temperature record," which may be set, the magazine blames it on El Nino. Meteorologists, like Joe D'Aleo of The Weather Channel, are publicly distancing themselves from the false doctrine of global warming. D'Aleo says, "We'll have La Nina conditions before the summer is over, and it will intensify further through the fall and winter. Thus we'll have cooler temperatures for the next couple of years."

Remember the scare ignited in 2007 by supposed melting Arctic ice caps? The Star Canada says a new analysis shows that the apparent change was the result of "shifting winds," while an expedition last year to the North Pole discovered the ice "100 percent thicker than expected."

Much of this information -- and more -- is available at the useful Website

It is a given that America needs new sources of energy. Environmentalists have inhibited efforts at exploration by supporting policies that have forced some domestic exploration too far offshore (thus increasing chances of an ecological disaster as is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico).

Instead of trying to sell us a dubious doctrine at an estimated cost of $100 billion a year worldwide (so far), environmentalists would have done themselves and the world more good had they chosen a different strategy, such as not sending oil money to countries that want to destroy us. This would have increased our patriotic spirit and had the additional benefit of not only diversifying our energy supply, but also depriving our enemies of money they use to underwrite terrorism.

Watch for the hardcore "global warming" cultists to continue clinging to their beliefs; but also watch increasing numbers of scientists and eventually politicians to abandon this once "certain" faith and to look for other ways to control our lives. In that pursuit, the left never quits. Rather than acknowledge their error, they will go on to make new mistakes, knowing they will never be held accountable.


Anonymous said...

And once again, Pete the Scientist has cross-poster from a Conservative rag which does not really represent the main stream media. Well done.

Peter said...

And once again we have an idiotic anonymous comment from a brainwashed internet troll.

Read the article, it is quoting the "mainstream media", which is growing more skeptical of the myth of man-caused global warming by the day.

JSG said...

For much too long, the mainstream media hasn't represented the realities of the global warming issue. It's nice to finally see a shift in their reporting.

Of course not everyone is comfortable with the change and will choose to belittle the messenger rather than deal with the facts. Some people don't like having their biased views challenged. They'd rather believe a fictitious consensus than consider all other possibilities.

Peter said...

Thanks JSG,
And those preferring to believe the comfortable "fictional consensus" are like sheep being led to the slaughter.

It appears that even Tipper Gore has caught on to the big hoax and fraud that is man-caused global warming (and Al Gore) and she just couldn't live with the lies any more.

Anonymous said...

JSG, look around Pete the Scientist's blog. Do you really think he's dealing with "the facts" here, or is he in the midst of a political dispute with the Gores?

Peter said...

Ha ha ha....Anonymous Troll....what a clown you are. None of this is about Al Gore personally or politically, much less poor Tipper.

Al Gore is simply the very visible point man for all the greed, corruption, ego-mania and good old-fashioned sleeze that lies behind the myth-of man-caused global warming. Al Gore deserves every bit of scorn and mockery that can be dished out. If there was truly justice, he would be behind bars.

Politically, the sad truth of the matter is that Democrats seem to have swallowed the man-caused global warming myth hook, line and sinker. This fact alone makes their judgement on all issues suspect. The public is catching on and for this and other reasons the Democrats are poised to lose control of Congress. They can thank Al Gore, and of course Obama is also doing an excellent job of totally screwing things up also.

When Obama does something so utterly stupid as pushing the EPA to declare carbon dioxide a "pollutant", then eveyone knows he doesn't have a clue as to what is true or real.

Anonymous said...

Read the last riposte, folks - Pete the Scientist assures us his blog is NOT about politics.

And in an effort to prove otherwise, you just proved it. Read your own commentary, particularly the part about putting Gore behind bars - nah, it's not personal.

Actually, that's one of the first funny things you've posted here, Pete the Scientist. You're not talented enough to actually make jokes deliberately, though Lord knows you've tried, but that was funny.

JSG said...

I have read Peter's blog and it's filled with factual information, much of which isn't easily found in the MSM. Al Gore is fair game, not because of his politics, but because he's an integral part of the AGW movement.

You can disagree with Peter's politics, but you shouldn't let that prejudice your judgment on the rest of the information he presents.

Anonymous said...

Well JSG, I actually know Pete the Scientist's blog fairly well. I am extremely dubious about his "factual information" and the places he gets said "information." See these -

I actually spent a little time looking up Pete's "experts" (Pete hadn't bothered to read his own cross-postings carefully, you see) so if you follow the list he made for me, you'll see our stimulating repartee.

And I am much more prone to believe the actual scientists...say here -

Or here...

Or here...

Or any number of other legitimate sites.

Pete claims to be a scientist, but any close examination reveals that he is not - he's faking it. Don't follow the faker, JSG, check up on this stuff yourself.

Peter said...

Once again "Anonymous" demonstrates his brainwashed ignorance.

NASA a reliable source of climate data? Think again and read here:

Climategate 2.0 — The NASA Files: U.S. Climate Science as Corrupt as CRU (PJM Exclusive — Part One)
Chris Horner filed the FOIA request that NASA didn't comply with for two years. Now we know what took so long. (Click here for the NASA files. This is Part One of a four-part series.) Update: Don't miss Chris Horner's PJTV interview here. (cut and paste the following into your browser window to read)

Peter said... as a reliable source? It's a joke, Gavin Schmidt works for the government (NOAA, under the lying fruitcake James Hansen) Funded to decieve and promote the myth of man-caused global warming. It's the foxes guarding the henhouse, or more appropriately the lunatics running the insane asylum. The following is just an example of the fraud and hoax being unveiled.

Do a google search on fraud

Read it and weep for honest, objective science and sane politics.

Search Results
Lunatics At RealClimate.Org (Specifically Gavin) Caught Lying. « A ...
Apr 22, 2007 ... But ( because they are so fucking ... quiet about it since of course this had further exposed their fraud. ... - Cached - SimilarClimatologist slams for 'erroneously communicating ...
The global warming promoting website, is under fire yet ... he and his colleagues routinely criticize as being wrong, corrupt, and a fraud. ... - Cached - SimilarMore slurs from | ScienceBits
Mar 12, 2008 ... continues with its same line of attack. ...... ray - sun - climate studies are flawed to the point of being fraud that have ... › blog › shaviv's blog - Cached - Similar

Anonymous said...

Pete, every source you provide there is a blog filled with such hyperbolic rhetoric that you should automatically be suspicious of them (I mean, really, ""? Is that the kind of adult commentary you want?) No Petey, I'm not the one brainwashed here - how about going where the actual scientists are?...Oh but wait, the actual scientists believe in global warming, don't they? The adolescent blogosphere doesn't. Wonder who I'd believe?

So what kind of scientist are you,

Peter said...

I'm a working (as opposed to an academic) scientist...a geologist to be exact. I'm sorry to offend your delicate and no doubt refined sensitivities and ruffle your ignorant feathers. But you're worth a laugh, so I tolerate your childish comments.

You can't argue scientific facts so you must attact me because of your impotence. Ha ha ha....I'm just the messenger..a purveyor of the truth. Oh, by the way, what kind of "scientist" are you?

Keep at it. You're making a fool of yourself and your comrade global warming alarmists. If you had any integrity you would identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

You sure don't sound like a scientist, Pete. You sure don't post the kind of things a scientist would post - nor is it clear you can argue "scientific facts" yourself since there is very little actual science on your blog and you have almost nothing original here; in fact, almost everything here comes from lame conservative rags, blogs, or lunatics. Besides, if you are truly a scientist you would probably be able to actually argue and understand science instead of citing Michael Crichton and "Rocket Scientists." Bullshit you are a geologist - perhaps you work for a highway department or something? Nothing to be ashamed of.

And academic scientists are working scientists, Pete. Further evidence you are not what you claim to be.

Anonymous said...

Your chain is being jerked you twit.

Anonymous said...

Nope. That's the real Pete. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Trust you about as much as your climate "science" and computer models with their doctored and fake data.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not MY climate science and computer models, but the SCIENTISTS' climate science and computer models. And they and I are much smarter than you.

And you have no idea whether or not it is doctored or fake data. No idea whatsoever. But you are dumb enough to follow a blog like Pete's.

Even my dog knows better than to follow a blog like Pete's.

JSG said...

I'm not sure I understand your motivation here. I've been reading Peter's blog for quite some time. I've noticed your trivial comments and have considered you just another of those annoying internet trolls.

Judging by the vast majority of your posts, it seems your only interest is in attacking Peter personally. Instead of discussing the information, you dismiss it with ridicule. You don't even bother to post an intelligent opposing argument. Have you nothing substantial to offer?