Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Evidence Of Global Warming Alarmist Lies

More "hidden" data: The Warmists are so crooked they couldn't lie straight in bed
Willie Soon [], who is a well-known Harvard astrophysicist, has been trying to prise out of Madame Schuckmann [] the data underlying her recent paper about the oceans warming while the land does not.

Rather predictably, she is not co-operating. Soon has copied the correspondence to me. It's just another example of the Warmists violating basic canons of science. And we know why. When skeptics DO get hold of the raw data, we find that the analyses have been "massaged" unmercifully to produce a Warmist conclusion. If global warming were simply a scientific question, the Warmists would have long ago been laughed into inspissated obscurity. That they instead command large audiences shows that they are for the moment almost entirely a political phenomenon: An integral part of the Protean sinister side of politics.

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