Saturday, August 8, 2009

MSNBC Censorship....A Rat Behind The Scenes

MSNBC, which of course is owned by General Electric (GE), along with NBC, Newsweek Magazine, and The Weather Channel, often accused here and elsewhere as being a literal propaganda tool of the Obama Administration, has closed their web-based "discussion board" titled "Environment". That discussion board allowed and fostered much open, free-form discussion of the many related elements of global warming and so-called climate change.

The dominant message of this discussion was the absurdity of the idea that man's activities, particularly the emission of carbon dioxide gas from the burning of "fossil fuels" was and is, causing global warming and climate change. So MSNBC closed this site, for what they said was "business reasons".

Could it be that General Electric, builder and seller of fluorescent light bulbs, wind turbines, solar panels, "clean coal" technology, and owner of a financial trading subsidiary, hopes to make BILLIONS of dollars if the pending "cap and trade" legislation is passed might want to suppress any dissenting, or contrary views? Could the Obama Administration, which desperately wants to pass this "cap and tax" legislation, have "leaned", Mafia-style, on GE to shut down this form of free and open communication???? I don't know, but I smell a rat.

See the old MSNBC site and read some old posts here:
and see where the diehard challengers of the myth of man-caused global warming have migrated here.


Mike said...

Geopete, they must truly be getting desperate over at MSNBC or they just could not handle the truth anymore knowing that the tide is turning on them. That and seeing you guys so overwhelmingly out class and out debate skyhunter and the other faithful believers. I just went over to read some of your great posts there and saw the board has been closed. I have not been reading there as much lately because a while back the msnbc boards stopped working with my firefox browser for some reason. THANKYOU FOR THE MANY INFORMATIVE AND ENJOYABLE POSTS YOU MADE OVER THERE!!! btw, I was chickenlittleal

SanchoSotomayor said...