Thursday, January 29, 2009

Debates On Global Warming, Politics, The Environment And More

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Here is a comment I just posted. Some of the discussions can become quite heated, so beware.

Thanks for your honest and sincere attempt to answer my question about why there are so many global warming skeptics among meteorologists. And I knew you were a meteorologist. But I also wonder about so many other skeptical scientists who study other aspects of the Earth and the universe and understand the scientific process. What they see is the radical alarmism, the blatant phony hypocrisy of people like Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and other what are called "limousine liberals".

All these other scientists know a great deal about science. They may not know the computer codes for the climate models that seem to be kept so secret, but secrecy and exaggeration have no place in science. That is salesmanship and politics. They see through the hype and it makes them skeptical and suspicious. Scientists are trained to be questioning and doubting.

For example, I recently asked a geologist acquaintance if he was "skeptical" of man-caused global warming. Take my word for it if you will, but he is one of the most experienced, well educated, and intelligent geologists, who are after all, "Earth Scientists" that I have known. He said he is "more than skeptical". He said he didn't believe a bit of it. The same holds true for every geologist I encounter and discuss this with.

And if you don't think these geologists don't know the "astoundingly simple" physics, or chemistry, or mathematics you talk about, I say you are wrong. In fact, I could make a case for many geologists knowing more and having a far more realistic grasp of Earth's climate changes than any so-called computer-modeling "climatologist".

To listen to Al Gore on this issue is totally absurd. To have him testify before a Congressional Committee on this issue is ludicrous; to have our politicians, or anyone for that matter, take him seriously is dangerous; and to pass laws costing billions based on his ideas is insanity.

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The Intellectual Redneck said...

Since I am in the middle of an area ravaged by an ice storm, it seems appropriate to talk about the weaknesses of the global warming theory.

Computer models forecasting global warming are not scientific