Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Great Bali Global Warming Hypocrisy.......

Since global warming is a world-wide issue, I think it is fitting to listen to someone other that the mainstream true believers in the United States. Here is an example from Britain.

At last, the media appear to be rumbling (about) the sheer nonsense and hypocrisy that is the 13th U.N. Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which began today in beautiful Bali. Nice conference if you can get it!

First, just listen to the scepticism in John Humphrys’ (“For it is he!”) voice (“Does it really take 10,000 delegates to set an agenda!”), as he interviews a waffling Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s ever-eager Environment Correspondent, on what Bali is supposed to be about [‘Today’, BBC Radio 4, December 3, c. 6.48 am: you can listen again here. Choose the 06.30 - 07.00 slot; the interview is around 06.48-55. After today, select ‘Monday’, and then, after 7 days, ‘Audio Archive’]. My wife declared that listening to Roger rabbit on this morning about Bali was “a laugh-a-minute”. Roger talks a lot about what the EU wants from Bali. I’ll believe the EU when it stops having two parliaments and a secretariat in three different countries!

Secondly, The Daily Telegraph (December 3) gets it absolutely right in an excoriating ‘Leading Article’, which I recommend wholeheartedly: ‘A blast of hot air at Bali’s climate conference’:

“It’s not the waste that rankles so much as the hypocrisy. Some 15,000 politicians, officials, quangocrats and assorted busybodies are descending on Bali for a jamboree that will produce more than 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions. The purpose of their trip? To discuss how to reduce CO2 emissions.

We wonder whether there would be so many observers and hangers-on if the venue were, say, Düsseldorf. For many of those attending have no direct involvement in the talks.

For example, 19 MEPs, accompanied by advisers and staff, are in Bali, staying at a luxurious spa hotel. Not only will their fares, meals and accommodation be paid for by the rest of us, but they will also claim a further £95 per day.”

Nice work if you can get it! After more scathing comment and analysis, this excellent ‘Leader’ concludes:

“The Kyoto agenda is not principally about affecting climate change. Even if we accept all its proponents’ figures, we would succeed in reducing the projected temperature rise by just 0.3F over the next century (at a cost of an almost unbelievable £3 trillion).

No, the Bali meeting is not really about doing anything. It is about feeling smug; and getting paid for it.”

I think you may also enjoy some of the reader comments which now follow at the end of the article, especially one by a particularly pithy Mr. Kaminski.

I wonder if Bali will prove a Green indulgence too far? The hypocrisy is so blatant that even the media seem less willing than usual to indulge international ‘greenfoolery’.

One of my best correspondents e-mailed to say that she gave ‘global warming’ nonsense five more years before world agendas experience a continental drift. Europe had better watch out.

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