Monday, August 13, 2007

Solar Activity And Climate Change: A Summary

Here is another article linking variations in solar energy received by the Earth to global warming and climate change. Carbon dioxide does not seem to be a factor at all.


W.J.R. Alexander1 and F. Bailey2
1Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil and Biosystems Engineering, University of Pretoria;
2Higher Professional Officer, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom (retired)
While there is abundant evidence worldwide of synchronous linkages between
rainfall, river flow and sunspot activity, the causal linkage was rejected in the IPCC
(2001) reports on the grounds that variations in solar radiation are too small to account
for climatic variations. This response is unsatisfactory, as it does not explain the
wealth of data, dating back for more than 100 years, that demonstrates that a causal
linkage does indeed exist.
This is the problem that the two of us were determined to resolve. We believe that
we have produced new evidence that will eventually lead to the conclusion that
variations in solar activity and not the burning of fossil fuels are the direct cause of the
observed multiyear variations in climatic responses.
The starting point was the incontestable, statistically significant (95%), 21-year
periodicity in the South African rainfall, river flow and other hydrometeorological data.

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