Monday, July 9, 2007

How Dare Anyone Question Global Warming and Its Causes?

This is too good to be forgotten. This is a reaction to my comment that global warming skeptics are a good thing. Is this how musical concerts like "Live Earth" affect people? They turn people into raving fanatics?

Message #1007/08/07 09:53 PM
Climate crisis is hear. Step outside, it is clear and convincing evidence.I do not need you to tell me that it was not 105 in Billings Montanna or 101 in Seattle, WA. You are a paid wonk by the oil companies. Guess what fool the people sitting on the east and west coast would beg to differ as they bake and stew in their own juices. The foul air they have to breath is suffocating their children. You are going to tell me next that the air is good for their little bodies. 13 thousand died last year because it was soo good for them. Remember, Petter you have their blood on your hands. I hope the God of Abraham cureses you to burn in hell forever. You are as bad and the worst the world has to offer. You sold your sole to the devil.

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